About Jake

I’m a competitive powerlifter in the 66kg weight class and I also aim to challenge myself with running and cycling events, such as 10K’s or duathlons (run, bike, run). To see what I am capable of. I’ve been coaching since 2010 and in that time have done numerous strongman and similar strength based competitions. It wasn’t until I was introduced to powerlifting that I found a passion for a sport that allowed me to express my desire for competition whilst providing me with a clear objective measure of progress. My passion for powerlifting has enabled me to travel as well through assistant coaching with British Powerlifting at International Competitions.

I want to share my experience, skills and knowledge through Donut Barbell, coaching individuals around the globe to realise their potential. I believe strength training can provide many busy individuals with a few hours per week to focus on themselves, be mindful and improve their health in a safe environment.

“Powerlifting its beauty is in its simplicity”

About Sabrina

I’m a competitive powerlifter competing in both the 63kg and 72kg weight classes (depending on how much cake I’ve had!). I’ve been a coach since 2012 and started powerlifting in 2014. Since then I’ve earned three British Titles, set British Records and medaled at two European Championships across two powerlifting federations.

Powerlifting has helped me feel strong physically and mentally, be confident in my own body and has introduced me to a large, supportive community of amazing people. I want to help other women to excel and discover their potential in a fitness environment that is focused on performance rather than appearance.

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  • I’ve been working with Jake for the past year. Initially just out of powerlifting curiosity. Based on my age and have suffered from back pain for years I wasn’t even sure it was something I could do. I had never even tried a deadlift but, with encouragement, expertise and unwavering support, Jake proved that I could not only do it, but he also helped me develop to the competitive stage and become the Welsh Record holder for my age and weight class. To say he’s been a life changer for me is an understatement!

    John Laird
  • I have been working with Jake as an online client for two years and in that time I have achieved things that I had never felt were possible. To list a few I reached a very long term goal of getting a double bodyweight squat, squatted 100 unbroken reps at 65kg, got leaner than ever and completed a double marathon on a rowing machine, all within the same 12 month period.

    Matt Childs
  • I worked with Jake through a 3-month meet prep leading into my first powerlifting meet. The programming prior to the meet was a little different than I was used to. My programming was customized to my needs, looking at weak points, and was congruent with all the current recommendations for strength programming. The weekly evaluations of technique, form and even the social support from Jake were extremely encouraging and helpful. Following 12 weeks with Jake, I was stronger, marginally leaner and more confident in lifting.

    Josh Harvey
  • I originally started working with Jake on just my nutrition to better manage my weight around competitions. Then having seen the progress of some of his lifters we progressed to online programming support as well. In the 2 years I worked with Jake I made significant improvements in all 3 lifts and he was also there with words of wisdom in the times I felt things weren’t going so well to provide perspective to help me turn things around and tackle things with a more positive mindset.

    Beverley Rogers
  • I worked with Jake and Donut Barbell for 4 months and I can honestly say that the transformation in my strength and form is evident from my success in this sport. Before training with Donut Barbell, I was not able to squat past 120kg or shift past 140kg deadlift. 2 months into my new training plan, I qualified for GB championship with a 145kg squat and 170kg deadlift – results came quick!

    Gloria Lola Alabi

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